The distressed times of waiting are over

Most of the time today the wind was light or moderate but finally enough for racing. Sometimes it was close to the 5 knots minimum limit sometimes blowing over ten. The Race Committee led by Miklós Rauschenberger made a great job on making the start procedures fluently. The N-NE wind was shifty and whimsy but after three days of starving on shore most of the sailors were happy with it.

We had a really good race, then a bit more tricky one where also the course had to be modified and sometimes the wind strength was close to the lower limit. In the afternoon the third race was aborted then resailed after three o’clock when the breeze was getting moderate again.

At the boys the French Eliot Merceron has sailed on the top of the fleet in all races. He always finished first in his group but lucklessly black flagged in the second race. As out of the first places he already had a 49th from the first day so his odds were strongly diminished.

Today was a great day for Tadeusz Kubiak from Szcecin, Poland with two great wins. As he is a lake sailor the conditions of the Lake Balaton are quite familiar for him. He came here to finish in the top ten but now his appetite is surely sharpened.

In the girls Laser Radial class Svenja Weger from Kiel, Germany could keep her golden hopes high today. Altough after a win and a third she made some mistakes including a collision and penalty in the last race and finished just 13th, she is still on the top in the girls ranking list.

The Qualification Series are over with six races finished in all groups. Tha last day is for the Finals Series. Maximum three races can be sailed on Sunday for the Gold, Silver and Bronze groups.