Name Sponsors

We are very proud of having the opportunity to continue several years of cooperation with Groupama Garancia Insurance Company and OTP Bank. We are very grateful to our name sponsors and it is our pleasure to work together again at this prestigious event. 

The Organizing Committee of Balaton Laser Worlds Championships


Groupama Garancia Insurance Company

Csonka_Istvn_v2.jpgDear Sailors,

Sailing has a prominent place in the sponsoring strategy of Groupama Group and Groupama Garancia Insurance Company.

The Groupama 4 team sponsored by the French mother company and led by Franck Cammas won the number one oceanic race around the world last year.

The Hungarian subsidiary of Groupama is the main sponsor of the Horváth Boldizsár Memorial Race with a history of more than 30 years, wearing the name Groupama Grand Prix. This is one of the most popular Hungarian tour races for big boats and at the same time, the rehearsal for the Blue Ribbon race. Groupama Garancia Insurance Company would like to promote successful cooperation with OTP Bank not only in business but also in sponsorship.

Therefore, in 2013 the two companies together decided to sponsor the Laser World and European Championships organized on Lake Balaton jointly.

Their aim is to put Hungarian sailing in the limelight and to draw the attention of Europe and the world to this event in Hungary lasting almost one month.

 Balatonfüred, 2013groupama.JPG

István Csonka
Deputy CEO (Sales and Marketing)
Groupama Garancia Insurance Company 

OTP Bank

100912_1849xh.jpgDear Sailors,

Sponsoring sporting activities is traditionally a part of the social role and engagement of OTP Bank. Our financial institution sponsors several prestigious national and international events, mass participation sporting events, cutting edge teams and associations.

As a committed promoter of development and a major supporter of Hungarian sporting life, we believe that the love of sports is the basis of education for a healthy lifestyle.

We support cutting edge teams and invest in the future, in order to provide an opportunity for the development of more and more young sportsmen through education of the rising generation and talent management.

We devote special attention to sporting activities requiring physical and mental stamina, precise team work and a high level of concentration.

The Balaton Laser Worlds 2013 World and European Championships are important events for sportsmen, fans and for the organizing country, Hungary as well. OTP Bank proudly supports this prestigious international event, which not only attracts thousands of visitors to Lake Balaton offering unique lake sport experience, but it also provides young talents devoted to sailing the opportunity to introduce themselves internationally and build their careers successfully.

Come and let us cheer for the competitors together between the 6th and 21st of July 2013 in Balatonfüred.

Balatonfüred, 2013.

Zoltán Péter Nagyotpbank_log_horiz-W.png
Marketing Manager
OTP Bank