Finally races!

It was another difficult day for the competitors and the Race Committees on the Lake Balaton. Because of the light wind and the promises of the weather forcasts the fleets remained in the marinas until the early afternoon. At 2 o’clock a light southwestern gave an opportunity to start a race on Course A for a boy fleet and the girls. As this wind was just a patch of isolated breeze the course had to be shortened to finish a correct race.

The other three groups of the boys were suffering more on the Course B. The Race Committee changed several times the position of the course  but the wind’ve played seek and hide all the time. Finally late in the afternoon the long wandering on the lake was rewarded by some north wind enough for a perfect race.

The winners of the first race were ITA and NED at the girls namely Sofia Capparuccini and Mirthe Akkerman while among the boys the first places in the different groups were shared among Australia, Spain, Italy and Turkey by Nicolas Conor, Socrates Fernandez, Gianmarco Planchestainer and Nogay Dökmeci.

There are several protest hearings so the results can be published later. Please keep an eye on the results page! (

It will surely be a great world championship though this moment it’s hard to believe after the hard beginning without wind. It is an old race organizer tweak to start a competiton in difficult conditions and finish with beautiful wind and fine races on the last three days. That way everybody will remember on the Championship as a very enjoyable one! Believe us! It will happen this way!