Nothing again but look at the hopes for tomorrow!


Nothing again but look at the hopes for tomorrow!

If yesterday the wind situation was hopless today became even more deplorable. A stationary high pressure system is sprawling all over Europe with a 1031 mB centre at England without any sign of movement causing hot air with high humidity at the Lake Balaton. 
Yesterday the weather forecast predicted the possibility of a change in our area but the only speciality was a strong shower in the early afternoon without any wind.
The only chance we've got a local change for the weekend... 

Pressure chart 21.00 19th of July 2013. (local time):


Predicted pressure chart 10.00 20th of July 2013. (local time):


According to the pressure charts there will be just a little change for tomorrow. Anyhow the result at the Lake Balaton could be a light 5-10 knots N-NE wind at 10 o'clock in the morning. It is possible that this wind remains for the whole day.
So there is a hope for three races tomorrow.  All races tomorrow will belong to the Qualification series.