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Setany4.jpgBalatonfüred is a small town with a population of 13 500, but the number of permanent and temporary inhabitants reaches almost 35 000 during the summer high-season, which is in July and August. It is an ancient settlement which was already inhabited during the reign of the Roman Empire. Balatonfüred is the touristic, cultural and sailing centre of Lake Balaton.

The city itself – which is the fastest growing lakeside city – and Lake Balaton is a favorite meeting place of Hungarian and foreign sailors and fanatics of other sports like dragon boats, beach volley ball, and triathlon.

The Balatonfüred City Council also cooperates with the organizers and supports all the sailing events at the highest degree. Our competitions and coastal events take place in the renewed Balatonfüredi Yacht Club, the cultural and other entertaining programmes are located at the main square of the cultural centre of the town.

Balatonfüred is one of the settlements in the Balaton region, which has the largest cultural and historical tradition and serves novelties for visitors year by year. Balatonfüred - the Hungarian sailing acropolis - is considered to be the capital of the Hungarian sailing world.

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Vaszary_Villa.jpgBalatonfüred has been the first health resort since 1971, when Balatonfüred’s sour water was acknowledged as a thermal spa. A lot of people regained their health in the famous Hospital for Heart Diseases in Balatonfüred. Among them was the Hindu poet, Rabindranath Tagore who recovered here in 1926 and the promenade along the Lake shore was named after him.

Balatonfüred started its progress in the 18th century in the so-called Reform Era. It became a favorite meeting place of progressive politicians and artists. Lujza Blaha, who was the ‘nightingale of the nation’, spent her summer holiday 23 times here. Her villa operates now as a hotel and restaurant. The well-known spa doctor, Istvan Huray also had a summer house by Lake Balaton.

One of Balatonfüred’s symbols is the Round Church, which has got a round shaped cupola. In the Jókai Memorial House there is a permanent exhibition of the writer, Mór Jókai, showing his life, the furniture and other objects of the villa.

The first Anna-ball was organized at Horváth house in 1825, which is still outstanding among the events of Balatonfüred. The Romantic Reform Era, which is organized in September, takes us back to the 19th century bustling life of Balatonfüred.

Traces of culture:

Town Museum, Jókai Mór Memorial House, Vaszary Villa, The Villa of Blaha Lujza, Anna Grand Hotel, Horváth House, State Hospital for Heart Diseases, Pantheon Füred, Kossuth Lajos sour water spring, Villa of the Dőry Family, The residence of Széchenyi Ferenc, Kisfaludy Gallery, Gombás mansion, Radio and Television museum, Roman Catholic Red Church, Round Church and Gallery, Catholic Church in Arács, Lutheran Church, Calvinist Church

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Active holiday

Thanks to the favorable geographical features, Balatonfüred with its surroundings is a paradise for tourists. They may head almost any direction – they find beautiful natural treasures everywhere. The length of the tours can range from a short walk in the Koloska Valley to a long tour to Zador Castle in Pécsely.

BFNP_logo_2013_magyar_raszteres_RGB_1.jpgBalatonfüred is part of the Balaton Uplands National Park. “An old dream of the Hungarian nature conservation came true in 1997: a protected ecological system embracing the adjoining area of the Balaton Uplands was established with the connection of the already protected areas which had been separate for a long time. The area of 56 997 hectares of the Balaton Uplands National Park mainly consists of these six landscape protection areas.”

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Date                      Event

22-29 June          Guitar Festival
01-07 July           Balatonfüred Arts Festival
05-07 July           Balaton - Youth - Culture: International Cultural Festival
20-21 July           Füred Jam - concerts
20-21 July           188th Anna-ball
25-27 July           Blue Ribbon Sailing Regatta
20 August            St. Stephen's Day - Hungarian National Day
03-25 August      Wine Festival


agroinform_20100114091400_bor.jpgIn the Balaton-Plateau region the tradition of viticulture has got a century-old history. It is visible in the programmes in Balatonfüred as well: Fish and Vine Festival in June, Wine weeks in August, and the Vintage parade in September.

Restaurants, bars:

Balaton Restaurant, Borcsa Restaurant, Vitorlás Restaurant, Sunset Disco, Helka Disco, Colombus Club Disco, Oscar Drink Bar, Mini Bar Night Club, König Night Club, DeJaVu Night Club

All of them can be found in the city center.

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