Hungarian Yachting Association

j_mvsz_logo_2011.JPGThe Hungarian Yachting Association was founded on 3 December 1929. In this flourishing era, the basic fleets of the national and international boat classes were built in the Balatonfüred Shipyard and lively competitions characterized the sailing community. The first Blue Ribbon Race (1934), the Kenese-Keszthely Record Race, the first Dinghy European Championship (1934) and several other significant, still existing competitions were held for the first time during this era. 

Currently, about 4000 members of the Hungarian Yachting Association are sailing in 132 Clubs. More than 200 sailing competitions are organized yearly on the Hungarian lakes. Most of the competitions take place on Lake Balaton, which is the largest lake in Central Europe. Each year 50-55 competitors are crowned Hungarian champion in various boat categories and boat classes.

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Greetings by the President of the Hungarian Yachting Association

Dr__Kollr_Lajos.jpgDear Sailors and Participants, Dear Sports Friends!

The Balatonfüred Yacht Club (BYC) in cooperation with the International Laser Class Association and the Hungarian Yachting Association is hosting the Groupama - OTP Balaton Laser Worlds 2013 championship, the biggest and largest sailing event in Balatonfüred in 2013. 

Please let me greet you kindly on behalf of the 153-year-old Hungarian competitive sailing and the 84-year-old Hungarian Yachting Association: everyone is heartily welcome who shows his commitment to the noble sport of sailing by participating in this prominent international event.

Now I can say for sure it was a wise decision thatHungarywon the right to organise this competition. The "Hungarian Sea", Lake Balaton, which is one of our precious natural resources and at the same time Central Europe's largest lake and the City of Balatonfüred, the birthplace of the Hungarian national competitive sailing will certainly be an excellent host to sailing enthusiasts.

We have to thank the management of the City of Balatonfüred, the Balatonfüred Yacht Club, the sponsors and supporters for facilitating this great program through their kind contributions.

I wish all the participants a fair, successful competition and good winds!

Dr. Kollár Lajos

President of Hungarian Yachting Association