Balatonfüredi Yacht Club


 The Balatonfüredi Yacht Club has been one of the oldest sport clubs in Europe established in 1867. Since its formation, the club put strong emphasis on competition and takes pride in the education and formation of young sailing talents. Most of the members are currently active competitors.

The club is the most successful national sailing association without any intermission since 1995 among the 121 Hungarian clubs. More than half of the scoring places are reached by our young competitors. The number of the young competitors has been increasing year by year: currently 70 people compete in the Club.

As for the technical areas, in the education of the young talents and in organizing competitions we are on an international level, with yearly 1-2 international regattas and 8-9 national regattas.

For the 2012 Olympic Games, a very serious and hard programme started in 2008, and finally two quotas were grabbed in December 2011 in Perth, Australia by our two surfers, Diana Detre, who finished at the 18th place and Áron Gádorfalvi, who finished as 25th in the RS:X class. From 2011, we have also started the preparation work in several boat classes for the next Olympic Games, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro.

Greetings by the President of the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club

IMG_8702a.jpgDear Sailors and Participants,

It is to our pleasure that the International Laser Class Association chose the Balatonfüredi Yacht Club to be the organizers of the Groupama-OTP Balaton Laser Worlds 2013 World and European Championships.

The Balatonfüredi Yacht Club and its organizing team have organized several similar international competitions in Balatonfüred, on Lake Balaton, which we call "the Hungarian sea". Our competitions are exciting, and they take place under circumstances, which are typically characteristic of the lakes. Stormy and light winds are both characteristic of the Lake.

The environment, the warm and soft water, good food and generous hospitality ensure quick regeneration after lively regatta days.

The 146-year-old Balatonfüredi Yacht Club, one of the oldest sailing clubs of Europe, is committed to sailing. Among our young competitors, the Vadnai brothers represent outstanding achievements in Laser classes, and the Club also has several talented young competitors. Our sailors are in the Hungarian cutting edge in youth, Olympic and large boat classes.

Great competition can be expected at the Groupama-OTP Balaton Laser Worlds 2013 Championships, as the best sailors of the world will participate in them.

I hope that the participating competitors and those who accompany them will experience an unforgettable and interesting competition.

I wish the competitors good wind and fair competition!

István Hantó
President, Balatonfüredi Yacht Club

Outstanding international competition results

benji_vilgbajnok.jpgBenjamin Vadnai became World champion in the Laser 4.7 class. His younger brother, Jonatán Vadnai became European champion in the Laser 4.7 U16 class. Other sailors of the Club, such as György Wossala, Péter Németh, Károly Vezér became Soling masters World champions.


Outstanding professionality

Bence Böröcz is the 21-year-old member of the Club with several years of international experience, who has qualified as international judge, thus having become the third sailing judge in Hungary with such a qualification.

Balatonfüredi Yacht Club inner harbor investment

  • Full renovation and modernization of the oldest harbour on the Lake Balaton
  • Renovation of the southern seawall and the western embankment
  • Mud dredging
  • Establishing new boat positions
  • Modernization of the memorial slipway, slipway area and the historical mast crane
  • Installation of a mobile waste water pump
  • Providing access for disabled people


National ranking of Associations

The Balatonfüredi Yacht Club has continously been the first in the national ranking among 123 associations, now for the 18th time.

European Laser ranking

The Club is on the first place among 188 European clubs.

Hungarian championships results

9 first places, 5 second places, 5 third places, 5 fourth places, 2 fifth places, 4 sixth places

Summer camps

DSC_5636.JPGThe Club organizes yearly 9 camps with the participation of about 140 children, 5 camps for adults for about 30 people, 2 camps for the students of the Budapest College of Physical Education in surfing and sailing.